A tutta Curcuma! Ecosalute

To all Curcuma!

Turmeric is a plant that is starting to be more and more appreciated, often used in our kitchens, few know its benefits on the body.

Turmeric & black pepper

Turmeric supports digestive , hepatic , joint function and counteracts menstrual cycle disorders. The intake of this spice counteracts joint problems and increases the production of some antitoxic and antioxidant substances.

The formula of Integrated Turmeric is enriched by the presence of black pepper which increases bioavailability , therefore improves and increases the absorption of curcumin . Theirs is a synergistic mechanism that enhances the result in the short term .

Supplemented turmeric is found both in powder form, suitable for cooking and in tablet form.

CurcuMaxima: even more bio-available

CurcuMaxima is a highly assimilable turmeric-based supplement. In fact, Longvida turmeric contains natural curcumin , optimized through the SLCP (SolidLipid Curcumin Particle) method, which ensures a natural and safe composition of the raw material that favors absorption into the bloodstream. Longivda 's composition ensures that curcumin is preserved and protected from stomach acids.

1 capsule a day with water provides about 400 mg of Curcuma Longvida.

Curcumaxima is loved by those with inflammation or muscle damage, it also improves brain functions and acts on the health of the vascular endothelium .


  • high bioavailability of free curcumin
  • overcomes the blood-brain barrier
  • 100% natural
  • visible effects after only 30 days
  • not toxic to the liver
  • not aggressive to the stomach
  • gluten and lactose free