If you prefer a beach holiday in the summer, these tips are written especially for you!


Here are some tips to fully enjoy your holiday and to practice all the typical beach activities such as beach volleyball or relaxation under an umbrella.

There are some essential items that the sea cannot miss such as: a towel to use after swimming, an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, sunscreen and a straw hat. If you have children, you will also need buckets and shovels to build sand castles. Also on vacation it is good not to forget about your well-being.


To start a holiday in the right way, the ideal would be to prepare the skin of the body in advance for sun exposure. About a month before going to the vacation spot, take a beta-carotene-based supplement to stimulate the production of melanin and prolong the tan and at the same time shelter from the UV rays of the sun.

Plurimo sun - beta-carotene contains beta-carotene associated with copper, vitamin E, vitamin B2 and selenium, a concentrate of vitamins and minerals for the well-being not only of the skin but also of the hair.

As a first aid remedy, we recommend that you also take Ecosilver - Ionic colloidal silver with you. It should be applied on clean and dry skin. It is an excellent travel companion in case of sunburn and irritated skin.

On vacation you change your diet a lot, which becomes rich in local delicacies and you indulge in a few more whims. The perfect allies for easy digestion and to prevent swelling are Fennel in tincture.

Fennel facilitates digestion and regulates intestinal motility. Useful to be taken after a particularly heavy meal as a digestive diluted in warm water. 40 drops diluted in a glass of water are enough. It is a very useful remedy in case of indigestion, aerophagia, meteorism, abdominal pain and mild intestinal colic in children.

A combination of probiotics and prebiotics helps regulate the bacterial flora which, due to an irregular diet, tends to be out of balance. In particular, it can happen that the symbiosis between the microorganisms that inhabit the bacterial flora and man is challenged by various adverse situations such as heat and stress.

When something of this type happens, one type of microorganism takes over the other and a situation of dysbiosis or candida is created.

Floravita plus based on probiotics and prebiotics helps maintain an effective bacterial flora, and is also enriched with B vitamins that can help in case of fatigue.