It often happens that you feel mentally tired and have difficulty concentrating; these factors, which already negatively affect our lives, can in turn cause mood swings, apathy, listlessness and poor memory.

This, especially for those who carry out a job purely based on cognitive abilities or studies, can have very negative implications on performance as it results in a waste of energy to sustain an excessive mental effort, in an attempt to concentrate more.

The most common causes of poor concentration are:

  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals
  • Busy life
  • Disturbing environmental situations

Lack of sleep (it is important to sleep at least 8 hours) negatively affects the state of mental reactivity; if you are unable to sleep well and for an adequate amount of time, your mind is not rested enough to face the new day and the new commitments to which it is subjected, with the result of lost time at work or during study. It is therefore good to harmonize the sleep / wake cycle by going to sleep and waking up at regular times.

The environment is also important, as distracting elements make it harder to focus on what you are doing. For this purpose, it may be useful to eliminate sources of disturbance , such as loud or annoying noises, listen to background music that favors concentration or even focus on aromatherapy , perfuming the environment with essences that have a stimulating effect on the mind, such as lemon essential oil , known for its energizing properties.

The hectic life is one of the main causes of mental fatigue and poor concentration : in fact, a multitasking lifestyle does not suit the human being, who is therefore constantly subjected to strong psychic stress. Home, work, school, study, sport, recreational activities, all this fills our days and those of our children, leaving very little time for the brain to “switch off”.

A lifestyle of this type, combined with an inadequate diet, perhaps with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, leads to an accumulation of stress, with the disadvantage of cognitive abilities, and results in fatigue and lack of energy which are soon reflected even on a physical level . In this case, supplementing the diet with mineral-based products such as magnesium and zinc, B vitamins and plant extracts can prove useful to restore energy to our tired mind.

You can find zinc, B vitamins and three types of magnesium salts (Magnesium Glycerophosphate, Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate) in Magnesium B Vitality ; it is a valid ally for the reduction of tiredness, apathy and lack of energy; moreover it is particularly indicated in periods of strong stress or intense mental effort.

Another product with a beneficial effect on the brain is Memora : its extracts of Ginko biloba, Maca, Eleuterocco and Blueberry have for centuries been associated with an improvement in intellectual performance and reactivity. The combined action of these herbs is therefore of help for conditions such as poor memory, difficulty concentrating, tiredness, mental fatigue and conditions of high psycho-physical stress.