3 2 1 ... BACK TO SCHOOL! Ecosalute

3 2 1 ... BACK TO SCHOOL!

Never before has the return to school been so eagerly awaited and perhaps so desired.

The month of September has finally arrived and for parents, children and teenagers a new horizon can be glimpsed in all senses. There are so many expectations and questions; the pandemic that saw us interrupt school lessons last spring now puts us in front of a new challenge: to resume life as usual by learning to live with the virus.

Not only do the lessons start again, but also all the other activities that have always coincided with the start of school: individual or team sports, training, matches, dance courses, music lessons, essays and so on and so forth. . Sometimes it is difficult even for adults to take care of all the commitments of the youngest without accumulating stress: let alone for children and teenagers who, after almost six months away from the classroom, will have to spend most of their time there again. Then go home, do your homework and run to do your favorite extracurricular activity.

The enthusiasm for this turning point, after months of inactivity, certainly makes itself felt, but how to face the new beginning with energy and positivity? And above all ... how to avoid that drop in energy and concentration that will most likely manifest itself?

In fact, it is more than normal that the body and mind, especially during the first days and weeks, are affected.

The advice to better face, physically and mentally, the return are always aimed at maintaining a correct lifestyle :

  • follow an adequate diet , rich in fruit and vegetables (resorting to supplementation in case of deficiencies or to have greater energy support);
  • rest at least eight hours : a rested and relaxed mind works much better;
  • try to organize your time in advance . It could be useful to make a weekly schedule to manage the load of commitments we are no longer used to, to avoid unexpected events or inconveniences;
  • devote part of their time to play and fun : playful activity has a great benefit on the minds of children, as it allows them to unplug from study and commitments and recharge.

To have an energy supply that supports body and mind, it is possible to resort to various mineral salts and vitamins which, being involved in numerous cellular reactions, promote processes that are fundamental for the organism.

In case of intense mental and physical activity to be sustained, a combination of B vitamins and minerals such as Chromium, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Manganese, which can be found for example in Plurimo , can be useful.

Magnesium, on the other hand, is very useful for counteracting fatigue and mental fatigue. In Magnesium B Vitality there are three types of Magnesium salts (Glycerophosphate, Citrate and Oxide) vitamins of the B group and Zinc Gluconate, which constitute a concentrate of pure energy, ideal for children and the elderly.

To counteract exhaustion and stress by restoring the right acid-base balance of the body, alkalizing multimineral solutions are useful, such as Alkavita Basic , which respectively contain minerals such as Dolomite, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc.

As for vitamins, a combination of vitamin E, Selenium and Vitamin A is a valid ally for the proper functioning of the retina, favoring and protecting the sight which, after whole days on books and at the PC, can be fatigued. This combination can be found in Vit AES .