Cofanetto BREZZA MARINA: lascia spazio all'immaginazione Ecosalute

SEA BREEZE box set: leaves room for imagination

There Sea breeze it is that weak and pleasant wind that carries within itself that taste of sea salt and happiness .

The Sea Breeze Casket born for those who want to take care of their body and give it back the right nourishment, just like after a day at sea.

A casket mysterious And deep for those who know how to give the right value to small precautions and for those who love themselves.

Enriched with Oriental flower petals that give off the scent of the sea at sunset to be catapulted into another dimension.

What does it contain?

Natural cosmetics formulated with top quality ingredients and respectful of the person and the environment around them.
  • Moisturizing cream: from the exotic notes of Mango And Papaya . The avocado strengthens and protects the skin, the Aloe enhances the formula giving an effect soothing And refreshing . (Bottle: 200 mL)
  • Body scrub: from the high content of Avocado oil and microgranules of Almond and hazelnut shells . Eliminates dead cells by promoting the renovation cell phone . (200 mL)
  • Hand cream: enriched with butters and vegetable oils such as Avocado oil , the Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil nourishes and moisturizes. Propolis, thanks also to the presence of Hyaluronic acid, repairs damage and prevents redness typical of the winter season. (50 mL)
  • Body wash: r ibes And Tea leaves give it energizing, anti-radical and invigorating properties. From the scent of Mango and Papaya, it envelops the skin, keeping it silky ed elastic . (Bottle: 200 mL)

Ideal box for those who want to surprise at Christmas or for those who want to indulge in an extra cuddle!

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