CUOIO CAPELLUTO: che prurito! Ecosalute

SCALP: what an itch!

The well -being of the scalp is often underestimated to give more importance to the lengths of the hair , but often the well-being of the lengths depends precisely on the state of health of the scalp.

Among the main problems related to the scalp is itching , often caused by peeling of the skin that determines the appearance of dandruff , caused by seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis .

Even folliculitis , lice or cutaneous mycosis cause an annoying itch and when you feel this sensation you would like to scratch endlessly, making the situation worse and insisting on an already particularly sensitive area.

Remember that even states of stress and anxiety negatively affect the scalp and lengths , weakening the hair and hair bulbs .

How to intervene?

First you need to pay the right attention to both lengths and skin, have you ever tried scalp massages ?

Read the blog on the benefits of scalp massage.

Massages with Neem Oil

Before using theShampoo , you can use a few drops of Neem Oil and massage it all over the skin, insisting more on the most sensitive areas.

Leave on for a few hours and then move on to theShampoo .

Alternatively, if you are a lover of essential oils you can also try the Tea Tree essential oil , this diluted in a carrier oil (eg coconut oil, olive or almond oil) will be a cure-all for your skin .

Right shampoo

Everything starts with the Shampoo.

Aware of this, we have formulated aShampoo capable of relieving itching through delicate and soothing natural ingredients .

The Neem oil inside it enhances the effectiveness of the oil previously applied, in fact it carries out a repellent and fungidic action.

For a pampering of the scalp, Aloe allows it to soothe and perform an emollient action .

After having moistened the whole head, apply a knob of product and massage with circular movements, for a stronger action you can leave it on for a few minutes so that the ingredients inside can perform a 360-degree action.

Avoid aggressive shampoos that contain foaming agents and prefer delicate and natural products that can naturally take care of the scalp.

Start taking care of your skin now!