PROFUMATORI ARMADIO: 3 must have per farlo fiorire Ecosalute

WARDROBE PERFUMERS: 3 must haves to make it bloom

You can't escape! After months of jackets , scarves , caps and gloves , the time has come: the wardrobe change .

While the idea of ​​fixing and revolutionizing your closet is scary, it can be a good time to clear your mind and let go of the negative thoughts that have haunted you during these months.

There is a little secret that we are about to reveal to you that will allow you to leave the scent trail wherever you go, you know what?

Scented bag perfumes DIY closet

The wardrobe perfume bags can also become very nice and always appreciated gift ideas , especially if made by you.

How to prepare them?

To prepare them you will need a tulle or cotton handkerchief , dried flowers , a little rice and essential oils of your choice.

Start by reducing the dried flowers into small pieces (you can also ask the florist for them if necessary), add two tablespoons of rice that will allow them to absorb the humidity in the environment and add 20 drops of essential oil .

Given the season we recommend the Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil that will make the environment fresh and spring , possibly they can also be mixed together.

Close the tulle handkerchief with some twine and put it inside the wardrobe .

Tea bags

If you want to opt for a cheaper and quicker to make perfumer, you can use the tea bags you have already used and add a few drops of essential oil on top .

Scented spray

Or you can make a scented spray: dilute 3/4 drops of essential oil in a liter of water and spray on clothes . (Keep a distance of at least 30 cm from clothing so that oil cannot stain them.)

The perfumed and clean garments have the ability to make you start the day well, relieve stress and tension: choose your favorite essential oil !