OMEGA-3-6-9: perchè assumerli in estate? Ecosalute

OMEGA-3-6-9: why take them in the summer?

By now we hear about the importance of fatty acids and their innumerable properties, perhaps not everyone knows that their integration is essential especially during the hottest period of the year.

    Omega-3 and omega-6 are defined as essential fatty acids because the body is unable to synthesize them independently and for this they must be integrated through food . However, the need is not always reached, especially for those who follow a diet low in fish products, extremely rich in these fatty acids .

    Why are they so important in the summer?

    • They protect the skin

    The skin , especially in summer, is subjected to constant stress caused by UV rays which in the long term cause sunburn , photosensitivity and photoaging .

    Thanks to their anti-inflammatory activity, essential fatty acids protect the skin by increasing its resistance to damage caused by the sun's rays and reducing inflammation.

    In particular, Omega 3-6-9 form a hydro-lipidic acid film that keeps the skin hydrated and elastic , reinforcing the skin barrier and retaining water inside.

    Also very useful in cases of dermatitis, psoriasis or dry and irritated skin.

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    • Benefits on microcirculation

    Omega 3-6-9 help and improve microcirculation , which can be slowed down during the summer.

    These essential fatty acids, in fact, control blood circulation and improve blood flow thus counteracting swelling and pain in the legs, as well as cellulite.

    • They deeply nourish the hair

    Sun, salt, chlorine, sweat and wind damage the hair making it weak and dull.

    Omega-3s keep the hair shaft healthy by improving its appearance and resistance to stress .

    The free radicals produced by the body, in fact, threaten the hair bulb by reducing the ability to produce keratin , a fundamental protein which, if not produced adequately, causes hair loss.

    To keep them healthy it is therefore essential to integrate the Omega which have an antioxidant action against free radicals

    • Useful for those who carry out activities intended

    Omega-3 and 6 are excellent natural anti-inflammatories, studies show that they protect the cells around the muscle fibers, thus helping to give more energy by reducing fatigue and muscle and joint pain.

    They are therefore excellent for those who also practice sports as they are able to improve muscle strength , endurance and heart rate during exercise.

    • Cadiovascular wellness

    In general, Omega-3-6-9 are known and recognized for their benefits on the cardiovascular system and for their ability to reduce triglycerides present in the blood.

    Perilla oil

    Perilla extract is rich in polyphenols , essential oils and many polyunsaturated fatty acids , in particular linoleic acid. It is a precious vegetable source of Omega-3-6-9 which are usually obtained from salmon and blue fish.

    Perilla is a plant of Asian origin that is used in local nutrition as a vegetable, but also for the production of oil obtained from seeds, this oil is enclosed within the softgel capsules to benefit from these wonderful active ingredients.

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