BOSCO ESOTICO: per un momento solo per te Ecosalute

EXOTIC WOOD: for a moment just for you

The forest is a place fascinating that releases the whole beauty of nature, sometimes spectacular and other times still disturbing.

The scent of the forest wraps and it remains imprinted for whole days, and then comes back to mind in everyday days.

The Exotic Forest Casket born for those who want leave the mark and make yourself remember . The scent of Mango And Papaya leaves room for imagination and imagination, to indulge in a relaxing shower without limits.

Cosmetic products with an intriguing and mysterious fragrance, decorated with petals of Exotic Flowers as a hymn to nature.

What does it contain?

Natural cosmetics formulated with top quality ingredients and respectful of the person and the environment around them.

  • Body wash: currant And Tea leaves give it energizing, anti-radical and invigorating properties. From the scent of Mango and Papaya, it envelops the skin, keeping it silky ed elastic . (Bottle: 200 mL).
  • Shampoo: energizing, detoxifying and emollient. Deeply cleanses the scalp and hair, delicately removing any impurities . Enriched with Neem oil revitalizes the root of the hair and donates freshness to the scalp . (Bottle: 200 mL).
  • Balm: disciplining based on Coconut oil And Argan oil it is a treatment intensive And nutritious . Coconut, argan and sweet almond oils give shine And silkiness to the hair. The result is a crown hydrates , light And shining. (Bottle: 200 mL).

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