Unfortunately the MOSQUITOES have arrived!

Bitter enemies who disturb the most beautiful moments of summer and do not give a moment of respite, have you ever tried essential oils , to keep them away?

Essential oils are natural substances extracted from plants by distillation or other methods, it is essential to use 100% pure oils to obtain, in addition to olfactory pleasantness , therapeutic effects .

Discover the Summer Evenings Package

The main oils that fight the presence of mosquitoes are those with Lemon , Citronella and Lavender , Eucalyptus , all contained within the essential oil Fitomosquito .

Fitomosquito essential oil contains a synergy of active ingredients that strengthen each other to fight and repel mosquitoes and insects .

What does it contain?

With a fresh and pungent smell, Citronella is known and used by everyone as an insect-repellent , but it also has other properties:

  • Antioxidant
  • Astringent
  • Fungicide

Also useful for:

  • Migraine , neuralgia
  • flu and cold
  • ward off negative energies .

Its aroma, in addition to warding off insects and mosquitoes , stimulates the brain , giving vitality and energy , promoting concentration and removing mental fatigue .

A light and sweet essence , it is a real gift of nature for its countless uses.

An oil to be spread in the bedroom in the evening because, in addition to keeping mosquitoes away, it makes the atmosphere more relaxed and helps sleep .

A warm and antiseptic essence, widely used and known to relieve flu symptoms such as nasal congestions, colds and sinusitis .

  • Geranium oil

The plant par excellence against insects and mosquitoes , i n aromatherapy is used as a rebalancing agent to increase the imagination and intuition.

To relieve itching after a sting?

Apply a few drops of Nigella Oil to soothe the skin and reduce discomfort and redness .

This oil with balancing and emollient properties is also useful in cases of sunburn and erythema , restores the elasticity of the area by carrying out a slow action.

Summer evenings package

Get ready to fight mosquitoes with the Summer Evenings kit, inside you will find:

Fitomosquito and Citronella you can insert them in your diffuser or add a few drops to your cream and apply it on the body.

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