A holiday in the mountains is the perfect destination for those looking for a reunion with nature or for those who want to stay in shape while continuing to play sports.


Let's forget about skis, ice skating, snowboarding to immerse ourselves in nature and breathe fresher air than in the city. The most popular sport in summer has always been trekking in the mountains .

Walking in the mountains is a very popular activity because it is suitable for everyone, and allows us to discover the flora and fauna of the place where we are. An excellent opportunity both to relax and to rediscover the beauties of nature . To better enjoy this activity it is necessary to insert some essential elements inside the trekking backpack: water bottle to be filled, equipment such as torch, gps, Kway or rainproof and windproof jacket, first aid kit, spare clothing and food like sandwiches to be enjoyed once you arrive at your destination.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes and insects?

We can use some natural remedies such as Neem Leaf Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil , which cannot be missing in the trekking backpack.

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The Neem oil extracted from the leaves is easy to apply and is an excellent repellent for insects and an excellent cicatrizant . Ideal to keep in your backpack and reapply throughout the day.

For those who prefer the world of aromatherapy , it is possible to use the essential oil of Tea Tree with the typical balsamic scent given to it by the cineole contained within, which is also an excellent repellent. Either to be applied topically on the body, diluted in a neutral cream or vegetable oil, or spread in the environment.

Another very popular activity in the mountains are mountain biking: uphill or flat, on the cycle path or on the dirt road, for the more adventurous there is the possibility of enjoying downhill, a new discipline that includes ascents on breathtaking lifts and descents in the woods.

How to preserve the joints?

Turmeric promotes joint flexibility, joint and bone well-being. The mechanism put in place by curcumin helps to explain the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant and its ability to relieve typical osteoarthritis pain.

For this reason, when added simply as a spice to dishes, it helps to preserve joint health. In the MSM pro active associated with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), glucosamine, chondroitin and Devil's claw it offers support to the entire osteoarticular system. Particularly useful if you practice a sport, such as cycling, which particularly strains the knees and joints in general.

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