Summer has now arrived and everyone's dream is to get a perfect tan. Sun exposure is vital to ensure a good mood but also to promote the production of vitamin D essential for the absorption of calcium in the bones and also to achieve a golden complexion all summer. It is important to know how to dose the exposure to the sun because beyond the beneficial effects you can forget about the effects that UV rays also have harmful effects on the skin. For this it is necessary to take safety measures and follow some precautions.


The tricks are many, the first of all is a diet rich in foods that contain melanin or that contain a melanin activator such as beta-carotene present in all red or orange foods. Among the most suitable foods there are watermelon and tomato which are an excellent source of lycopene, carotenoid, with a strong antioxidant power that helps to repair the damage photoinduced by the thermal energies of the infrared rays of the sun. Even better if these products are taken raw so as not to damage the properties of the functional substances they contain.

Avoid exposing yourself in the hottest hours of the day (12-15) and if it is really necessary to cover yourself with light clothing, favoring the use of hats in the mountains and on the beach and cover-ups to cover the shoulders.

Try to respect your skin phototype and therefore do not expect an unrealistic tan that is far from your complexion.

To promote the production of melanin, it is good to expose yourself to the sun gradually in the first few days. A short but constant exposure is therefore better than interminable sessions under the sun, which can easily expose you to burns.

To promote good skin pigmentation, it is advisable to adopt a diet rich in beta-carotene and vitamins C, E and A at least one month before exposure .

Vitamin E 'is a fat-soluble vitamin, found naturally in oils, oilseeds, dried fruit and whole grains. It has a strong action antioxidant so it is useful for the well-being of the skin as it acts by counteracting skin aging.

Vitamin A can be taken in the form of beta-carotene which is transformed by the body into Vitamin A. C ontributes to maintaining radiant skin . Its best known action is that linked to tanning as it stimulates the production of melanin, a molecule present in the skin, capable of determining not only the coloring but also the skin protection by the sun's rays.

You can find them both in the Plurimo sun product enriched with Copper, Vitamin B2 and Selenium.

Copper is the third mineral, in terms of quantity, present in the human body and is essential for glowing skin. It is also known to maintain good skin and hair pigmentation as it is one of the main components of melanin.

Selenium protects against free radicals and helps prevent skin aging, especially when it works in synergy with vitamin E. It also performs an effective anti-aging action, supported by its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis and maintain elasticity of fabrics.

Vitamin B2 maintains the transparency and integrity of the epithelia, thanks also to its peculiar characteristic of filtering to UV light and also to blue light. Also to be integrated for those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen (mobile phone, TV, computer).

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