ALGHE KELP: compagne nella perdita di peso Ecosalute

KELP ALGAE: companions in weight loss

I know you think there would be a magic pill, but unfortunately it doesn't exist.

The weight loss journey is a tortuous journey where the body and mind undergo a transformation and metamorphosis , weight loss is a journey that starts from the mind. The change in the body is only the reflection of a change in mentality , where consistency and determination come into play.

Even if the mind is firm on its choices, the body needs a little more caution. A small but fundamental natural aid to promote and accelerate the metabolism and increase the sense of satiety .

Kelp algae

Kelp algae are brown algae. Kelp is the generic name with which two algae are called: Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus Vesiculosus , they are two algae rich in polysaccharides and cellulose in the form of non-digestible fibres, this means that they carry out a prebiotic action , that is, they are able to selectively stimulate the development of intestinal bacterial flora , improving the well-being of the intestine.

The use of metabolism accelerators such as Fucus and Ascophyllum combined with correct nutrition and constant physical activity can help control body weight .

In addition to containing iodine , Fucus also has good quantities of bromine , potassium , beta-carotene , mucilage and mannitol . Furthermore, it finds useful use at the beginning of a slimming treatment as by promoting thyroid function and stimulating general turnover , it sometimes constitutes the starter of the slimming process.

Aschophyllum Nodosum contains many bioactive molecules and other antioxidant molecules that make it a good candidate for promoting the elimination of toxins and protecting cells from the toxic effects of heavy metals and chemical additives.

Kelp Algae are useful for:

  • Promote the weight loss process
  • Increase the sense of satiety
  • Promote the elimination of toxins
  • Perform an antioxidant action