Dear Customers,

following the Ministerial Decree aimed at the containment and management of the coronavirus emergency, it was decided to adopt limitations at our offices which will remain closed, but always and regularly operating remotely.

You will then receive our usual advice and complete assistance in the name of optimism and enthusiasm in the normal time slot from 9 to 18.

To date, in addition to the basic necessities, all e-commerce are open, so we are regularly 100% operational by applying the best possible protocol for those who work with us and trying to best satisfy the service to our loyal customers. .

In the current situation of extreme health suffering, Ecosalute has an eye for its customers - all couriers are regularly active and deliveries are guaranteed - encouraging online shopping, and also for its collaborators, fully encouraging smart working, strong in the fact that the health and well-being of the soul of those who work is the mirror of a healthy and quality company.

We care about your health and we recommend you customers to pick up the packages at a good distance from the delivery clerk and proceed with all the hygiene rules suggested to avoid contagion (mask, gloves or immediate hand washing at the end of the delivery).

In this difficult but surmountable period, here are some tips to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus. In addition to respecting the rules of behavior, we strengthen the immune defenses so that we do not find ourselves weak and / or overcome this period in the best possible way. How?

  • consuming fruit and vegetables as much as possible, limiting fatty foods, favoring lactic ferments and whole grains;
  • do you have a terrace or a garden? Enjoy the sun these days, at least 15 minutes a day. Your immune system will thank you and your mood too.
  • taking vitamin D , friend of the sun: precious because it fixes calcium in the bones. It is found in salmon or herring, in egg yolk and, to a lesser extent, in dried fruit.
  • consuming foods rich in vitamin C , the antioxidant par excellence that protects against the aggression of external agents. The intake of vitamin C should be divided over the course of the day to optimize absorption and metabolism. Citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, rocket are rich in them.
  • take camu camu, an evergreen among antioxidants. Its red berries rich in vitamin C, amino acids and flavonoids make it a precious ally against seasonal ailments and more.

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An affectionate virtual greeting to everyone, with the hope of soon finding ourselves more combative than ever.
The Ecosalute Staff