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Tiredness, impatience, difficulty concentrating, headache, nausea, bone decalcification, fast or labored breathing, water retention are just some of the symptoms of acidosis, i.e. an increase in the amount of acids in the blood which leads to a decrease in the value of pH.

It is scientifically proven that viruses and bacteria are unable to survive in an alkaline environment, while they proliferate in an acidic environment. We therefore discover that in the case of inflammation we are always in the presence of an acidic environment.

What are the causes of acidosis?

  • Acidifying diet: intake of acidic foods such as junk food, frying, alcohol, caffeine or the incorrect pairing of certain foods.
  • Stress: it is one of the main causes; considering that stress also produces the lowering of the immune defenses, we understand how important it is to learn to live harmoniously.
  • Lack of exercise: if it is not practiced regularly, the body struggles to expel the toxins that accumulate in the organs.


How to rebalance the body

  • Use low sodium salt or eliminate it.
  • Eliminate refined sugar by replacing it with malt, fructose or brown sugar.
  • Eliminate alcohol.
  • Reduce the consumption of both animal and vegetable proteins.
  • Cut down on white flour-based foods.
  • Practice regular physical activity such as yoga or aerobic walking.
  • Reduce stressful situations by carving out spaces to relax or engage in activities that give well-being.
  • Increase your consumption of alkaline foods such as apples, cucumbers, celery, green leafy vegetables, avocados.
  • In the morning, squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water, preferably lukewarm.


Based on highly alkaline minerals such as dolomite, they are valuable for restoring the correct acid-alkaline balance. Ecosalute proposes: Alkavita drops , Alkavita Basic And Alkavita Calcio Mix : three formulations designed to meet multiple health needs. To find out more, visit the page of our alkalizers.

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