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In the summer, mosquitoes do not want to give up and often ruin the most beautiful and anticipated moments of the year.

Keep them away with the Summer Evenings Package, inside you will find:

To prevent the presence of mosquitoes:

Use 10 drops of Fitomosquito essential oil and 5 drops of Citronella oil in the diffuser , if you have pots, you can add a few drops in the soil .

Alternatively, you can add the oil blend into your cream and apply it directly to the body. (We do not recommend using essential oils individually, being pure they could cause irritation, it is always better to combine them with a carrier oil).

After the sting:

To relieve itching and redness , apply a few drops of Nigella Sativa oil and massage on the affected area until completely absorbed.

Thanks to its emollient properties it is also possible to use it for burns and erythema,