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Our body is equipped with different organs, called emunctors, which have the function of expelling toxic or waste substances.

The main excretory organs are the skin, intestines, liver, kidneys and lungs , it is easy to imagine how heavy their work is, since, in addition to metabolic waste substances, they must also expel the pollutants that we regularly introduce through food (often contaminated with pesticides), the air we breathe (smog and heavy metals), taking antibiotics or drugs.

To facilitate the correct functioning of these organs, it is possible to carry out, once or twice a year, a complete purification cycle or to intervene in a targeted manner on the intestine, liver or kidneys.


Spring and autumn are the ideal moments to perform a purification, the change of season in fact leads nature to reactivate, and our body also begins to renew itself to prepare for the arrival of colder temperatures.

Those who want to carry out a purification during the spring or autumn months can therefore do so with the awareness of being supported by nature .

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