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Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love .

According to the myth, it was born from the foam of the sea, in fact it was revered as the goddess who makes navigation safe. This is why the box is enriched with Blue Exotic Flower Petals with notes of Sea Breeze at dawn .

The Aphrodite Box celebrates the beauty that is inherent in each of us and that can be highlighted by taking care of yourself and your body.

Afrodite is a mysterious and intriguing box for those who want to enhance themselves, suitable for both young and mature skin, to never stop being the best version of their Aphrodite.

Natural cosmetics formulated with top quality ingredients and respectful of the person and the environment around them.

  • Face cleanser: with scented notes of Coconut And Orange Bitter free gently removes makeup residue, sebum and dirt from the skin. Pomegranate extract tones And refines the pores giving the skin a luminous appearance. (Bottle of: 200 mL).
  • Eye contour serum: with a filling and recompacting action, it is rich in moisturizing active ingredients to counteract skin aging . The pomegranate dynamizes the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties. Red Algae relaxes the gaze by contrasting bags and dark circles . Fragrance-free to respect the delicacy of the area. (Bottle: 30 mL)
  • Face Serum: the synergistic action of its active ingredients contributes to the activation of cell renewal . Vitamin C protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals , carrying out a lightening effect . Hyaluronic Acid promotes the production of collagen keeping the skin elastic. (Bottle: 30 mL)
  • Anti-age Face Cream: with a lifting effect, it is embellished with Red Algae which prevents and reduces expression wrinkles. Sweet Almond Oil makes the skin of the face more relaxed and toned . Hyaluronic Acid performs an elasticizing and nourishing action, preventing aging over time. (Bottle: 50 mL)