Elena Bonfarnuzzo

Program Meditation Training Therapist

The program aims to help people, whether in the field of health (prevention, treatment and rehabilitation), personal fulfillment, improvements in interpersonal relationships, or in the workplace or sports. The method is customized based on the user's objectives and the analyzes performed.

The techniques used act on the autonomic nervous system, leading the body to an optimal response to all stressors. This can therefore be a prevention or resolution tool (depending on the clinical case): it can resolve a symptom, work to give greater compliance with therapies, help reduce the use of drugs or any relapses of the pathological condition, improve performance of the person, improve the management of emotional and/or mental aspects. Program Meditation Training is a cutting-edge program in techniques and approach, because the person obtains personalized methods to use independently to feel good and live every aspect of their life better.


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