We make use of the collaboration of professionals such as doctors , biologists , nutritionists and naturopaths , deepening the main issues related to the world of well-being, nutrition and natural integration.

The intent is to be able to stimulate and promote a healthy lifestyle, focused on the balance between the human being and the environment that surrounds him.

Cat Lucilla Cat Lucilla

Cat Lucilla

Nutritionist biologist

Frosinone, Lazio

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Ghilardi Gianluca Ghilardi Gianluca

Ghilardi Gianluca

Nutritionist biologist

Milan, Lombardy

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De Matteis Giuseppe De Matteis Giuseppe

De Matteis Giuseppe

Nutritionist biologist

Taranto, Apulia

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De Rinaldis Giada De Rinaldis Giada

De Rinaldis Giada


Lecce, Apulia

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Marcolongo Stefania Marcolongo Stefania

Marcolongo Stefania


Vigonza, Padova

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Shepherd Anna Shepherd Anna

Shepherd Anna

Nutritionist biologist

Codogno, Lombardy

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Rose Cecile Rose Cecile

Rose Cecile

Image consultant

Piacenza ,. Emilia Romagna

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Sartorio Vanna Sartorio Vanna

Sartorio Vanna

Nutritionist biologist

Ragusa, Sicily

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Stellittano Martina Stellittano Martina

Stellittano Martina

Erborista e naturopata

Reggio Calabria, Calabria

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Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi Antonio

Vivaldi Antonio

Osteopath and chiropractor

Monza Brianza, Lombardy

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