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The Ecosalute program dedicated to summer is finally here! 

A three-month protocol dedicated to the health and well-being of the person at 360 ° during the hottest season of the year, to be ready to face it in the best possible way. 

From the swimsuit rehearsal to the recovery of energy and mineral salts lost during sweating, this program aims to meet everyone's needs. 

Why buy it? 

During the summer, a lot of fluids are lost and with them also mineral salts that must be reintroduced into the body to keep it healthy; even the energies seem to drop more and more, but with the right active ingredients you can quickly recharge your batteries and enjoy the sunny season. 

To get back in shape by eliminating extra pounds and skin imperfections such as cellulite and water retention , it can be really useful to feel more at ease with yourself, without giving up some delicacies! 

What does it contain? 

1st Month - June 

3,2,1… let's start! 

The first month is dedicated to the preparation of the skin and the body. 

During this month we recommend that you choose foods rich in beta- carotene , in this way you will prepare the skin for sun exposure. While, on the other hand, to get back to feeling fit, it can be useful to take supplements that improve the body metabolism and eliminate excess fluids, which are the main cause of water retention . In addition, the first heat is always a source of fatigue and tiredness , for this reason you will need something that can help you regain your energy.

2nd Month - July 

The heat is now making itself felt and this is the time to dedicate oneself to the integration of the mineral salts lost with sweating, taking them both upon awakening and during the day. 

After the intensive treatment aimed at eliminating excess fluids , continue with the maintenance plan. It is also useful to continue to keep the metabolism active and keep the sense of hunger under control, always opt for snacks based on fresh fruit or smoothies, to deceive hunger. 

3rd Month - August 

We enter the hottest and most torrid month of the year: the mineral salts therefore become essential for keeping energy high and guaranteeing, as well as supporting, the normal functions of the organism. We advise you to take them both in the morning and during the day to ensure the right daily intake, avoiding deficiencies.

    A program to customize 

    The Ecosalute team is at your side to customize the SUMMER program for you, we remind you that everyone has their own needs and preferences, so we are available to modulate dosages and timing . Contact us and we will create the tailor-made program for you. 


    Tips to follow 

    The integration of the active ingredients is a valid support for a balanced and balanced diet, among the main tips: 

    1. Prefer whole grains over refined ones : these will facilitate the activities of the intestine and make you feel less burdened. 
    1. Drink a lot : if it is imperative during all the months in the summer even more. During the day, a lot of fluids are lost through sweating, so it is necessary to introduce them again during the day. 
    1. Fruits and vegetables : prefer fruit and vegetables especially on the hottest days, they will allow you to replenish the lost mineral salts and a good portion of water. 
    1. No sugary drinks : prepare as a snack (perhaps together with a fresh fruit and some dried fruit) an infusion that you can leave to cool in the refrigerator for a few hours, avoid using ice. 
    1. Avoid canned foods : opt for a good portion of legumes or fresh fish, lighter foods therefore more easily digestible.