Cholesterol is a lipophilic molecule necessary for the transport of fats, ingested with the diet, into our body.

It is present in two forms , the low-density one (known as LDL or also " bad cholesterol "), which tends to favor negative cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis, and the high-density one (also known as HDL or " good cholesterol ") , which instead tends to promote the well-being of the cardiovascular system and lower the LDL form .

When present in high quantities, LDL cholesterol tends to accumulate inside the walls of blood vessels, particularly arteries, thus leading to the formation of what is called atherosclerotic plaque ; this in turn hinders the flow of blood into the artery by reducing its internal diameter. The consequences are a series of vascular and cardiac problems .

It is important to follow a correct lifestyle : it is scientifically proven that a healthy diet but above all a light and constant physical activity can help to reduce not only the levels of total cholesterol , but in particular the levels of bad cholesterol. Some natural products can further help maintain a proper cholesterol level.

Olecol is a natural extract of olive leaves, used for its high content of Oleuropein , which is a phenolic compound capable of maintaining normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Coenzyme Q10 , on the other hand, is important for the prevention of heart disease and in cases of hypertension

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