Prepare your skin for UV rays

The first rays of sunlight begin to color the skies and cheeks. The sun's rays , however, can be harmful not only for those who are exposed to long hours in the sun but also for those who spend time outdoors .

For this it becomes essential to protect the skin from skin spots and wrinkles .

How? With vitamins!

Vit AES is a food supplement based on Vitamin A , Vitamin E and Selenium . With strong antioxidant properties , it stimulates the skin 's natural defenses against cellular aging caused by prolonged sun exposure , free radicals, smoke and pollution .

It supports the immune system and is a valuable ally to support vision .

Vitamin A

Vitamin A (retinol) is part of the fat-soluble vitamins, i.e. those that are diluted in the fat fraction .

It is essential for the regular functioning of the retina and vision .

In addition, it acts as a cofactor in several enzyme systems and is indispensable for testicular and ovarian function. It protects and keeps the skin , hair , mucous membranes healthy and strengthens the body against lung infections.

To supplement vitamin A, you can also take beta-carotene that its precursor , present in Plurimo Sun - Beta carotene .

Vitamin A deficiency causes vision defects and excessive sensitivity to infections. The hair also suffers from the lack of this vitamin, which results in alterations of the sebaceous glands , in the formation of dandruff and dry hair.

Why is it combined with Selenium and Vitamin E ?

Vitamin E (also called tocopherol) is a real protective of Vitamin A , as well as being the antioxidant par excellence and intervenes during anti-inflammatory processes.

The addition of Selenium and Vitamins E is aimed precisely at enhancing the antioxidant action, therefore to prevent and fight free radicals . Together, in fact, they help protect the body's tissues , enzymes and cell membranes , slowing down the signs of aging.

Selenium also has a targeted action against hair and nails and stimulates the immune system helping the body to prevent seasonal ailments .

Golden & Protected Skin Pack

The sun's rays make the skin more golden and uniform.

The downside is that they cause skin aging called photoaging, which can start as early as the age of 25 to reach its maximum expression around the age of 60.

Despite this, sun exposure has numerous benefits such as the production of Vitamin D , essential for bone health, and the production of serotonin .

Whether you spend hours in the sun or go out for a walk, the skin, especially that of the face, is always exposed to the attack of ultraviolet rays, which over time can cause wrinkles and skin spots.

The Golden & Protected Skin Package allows you to obtain the desired tan by protecting the skin from harmful rays and slowing down the skin aging process caused by the sun and the formation of free radicals.

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