Do you dream of soft, hydrated and kissable skin ? Before trying expensive treatments or throwing in the towel, try the right products.

The epidermis is characterized in its most superficial layer by a lipid film that retains moisture, in order to avoid dehydration of the cells: when this lipid film is compromised due to too aggressive detergents, poor internal hydration or too low temperatures, it is necessary to intervene.

First of all, however, it is necessary to understand what are the things to avoid: often wrong routines or habits can do more harm than good.

1. The cleaner

Especially in the case of skin that tends to dehydrate easily or is particularly sensitive and thin, it is advisable to depart from classic supermarket soaps. These are in fact excessively rich in salt and foaming agents: it is better to choose an oil-based soap, shower gel or body wash containing natural ingredients that do not attack the skin.

2. The water temperature

Who doesn't like a nice hot bath? Water that is too hot, however, can contribute to drying out the skin in the long run; moreover, in many areas this is rich in chlorine, so it is advisable to limit the time in which you are immersed or to use at least lukewarm or not excessively hot water.

3. Do not apply the moisturizer after a bath or shower

Hot water and soaps used for cleansing usually eliminate the hydrolipidic film of the skin; once the skin has dried (possibly by dabbing) it is therefore advisable to re-hydrate it, so that it can replenish its natural protective layer. Vegetable oils and moisturizing creams, preferably natural, are perfect.

A cream aid for the winter

Thanks to the basic temperatures and the difference between the heat inside and the frost outside, the skin tends to get irritated and dry.

For those who want a smooth, soft and luminous skin like that of a child, here are some products that can help them in a completely natural and delicate way.

Moisturizing and toning body cream

The Toning Body Cream is a moisturizing and nourishing cream, based on sweet almond oil , lactic acid , chamomile and rice bran , enriched with plant extracts of butcher's broom and red vine that stimulate microcirculation while also exerting a toning action

Rice bran oil has emollient properties that make it a useful product in cases of dry skin and in products intended for children, while sweet almond oil has strong moisturizing properties. The presence of lactic acid has a mild exfoliating effect, with the result that the skin appears softer and more luminous.

It does not contain preservatives apart from Vitamin E , which keeps the skin smooth and soft thanks to its contribution in limiting the loss of water from the epidermis and preserving skin hydration. Chamomile extract soothes and nourishes the skin, while butcher's broom and red vine keep the capillaries in good health, toning the skin and being allies in case of swollen and heavy legs.

Hand cream

Among the cold, cleansers and disinfectant gels, the hands are perhaps the most attacked part of the body in this period. Yet the hands are almost, like the face, a person's business card.

Often neglected (usually there is a tendency to take care of one's hands only when they are really damaged or cracked), in reality they are also the first part of the body on which the signs of aging appear.

To protect and nourish them at the same time, try the Hand Cream, rich in plant ingredients such as rice husk oil, Neem oil and Shea butter , with moisturizing, soothing, stimulating and regenerating properties, designed for a deep action both at a cosmetic and health level. The chamomile flower extract makes it an ideal cream for application even on the most irritated and delicate skin, as it also has a soothing and softening action.

Enriched with Ionic Colloidal Silver and Aloe vera gel , it also helps to block the action and proliferation of any bacteria.

Neem oloderma cream

In all cases of skin affected by temporary irritations (insect bites, psoriasis, sweat, dermatitis, eczema, itching, excessive exposure to the sun or cold) or hypersensitive, the Oloderma Neem cream, based on Neem oil and calendula , can prove to be a valuable aid.

With a soothing, calming and regenerating action thanks to the lavender extract, it is excellent for calming inflammatory conditions of the skin, itching and burning.

It is enriched with hypericum and echinacea extracts, plants particularly suitable for the driest and most chapped skin.

Choose the cream that suits you best and start taking care of your skin.