The olive tree is part of the Oleaceae family. Native to Asia, widespread in Greece and cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, the olive tree has always played an important role since ancient times. Its silvery green leaves were first used in Ancient Egypt, where they were believed to have divine power.

In fact, olive oil was used for healing massages and as a remedy for headaches and joint pains. Recent studies have shown the beneficial action of its leaves on blood circulation as they contain compounds with antioxidant properties that help lower blood sugar.

What are its benefits?

- Antioxidant action against free radicals responsible for cellular aging
- Stimulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
- Helps to normal blood circulation
- Regularity of blood pressure

Lipid oxidation is one of the main causes of cardiovascular problems. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, therefore, the olive leaves carry out a preventive action. They are able to increase the elasticity of the arteries and therefore promote regular blood circulation by counteracting phenomena such as varicose veins, heavy legs and varicose veins. They also have a cholesterol-lowering action as they reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and raise those of good, high-density cholesterol.

A precious extract of the olive tree, oleuropein, is responsible for the longevity of the plant and, if regularly taken, is able to increase the immune defenses and perform an antibacterial action (Herpex Simplex, Candida, etc.).

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