Stop allergia! Ecosalute

Stop allergy!


The days begin to get longer, the trees begin to show off their most beautiful colors and slowly we begin to leave the heavy jackets in the closet.

But there is one thing that can ruin this beautiful period: allergy.

The increase in allergy sufferers in recent years derives from genetic factors but also from lifestyles and environmental factors. The main symptoms are: stuffy nose , sneezing , itchy and swollen eyes . These symptoms affect daily life, as well as sleep and rest.

Allergy does not forget! He comes back on time every year and always looks a little stronger than before.

But do you know that this year you can knock her out?

How to do? With the currant !

Thanks to its antiallergic properties, in fact , Ribes Nigrum can become your best friend with the beginning of flowering, indeed it would be better to get to know it some time before, to be ready.

The properties of the currant are contained in the Ribes Nigrum , a bud extract extracted from the buds of the black currant with anti- inflammatory and anti- allergic properties, moreover, it supports joint function and that of the urinary tract , favoring the drainage of body fluids .

Its effectiveness is due to the action on the adrenal glands, stimulating them to release substances with a strong anti- inflammatory (mechanical, chemical and immunological) and anti- allergic action, behaving almost like a natural cortisone , but without having its toxicity.

Thanks to these properties, it can also be useful in cases of painful rheumatic affections and for generalized and local inflammatory processes .

We recommend taking 50 drops 2 times a day between meals with a little water or juice.

The action of Ribes Nigrum is enhanced by the synergy with Perilla oil. Perilla is an oil-based supplement extracted from Perilla seeds capable of promoting the body's natural defenses . Natural source of Omega 3-6-9 used for allergic rhinitis for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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How to take them together?


  • 1 pearl of Perilla
  • 50 drops of Ribes Nigrum away from meals (ideal in the morning on an empty stomach)


It is recommended to take at least one month.

Start now to finally enjoy the arrival of spring