The lily, lilium, belongs to the Liliaceae family and is native to Syria and Palestine. There are many varieties and colors.

The best known and appreciated is the white lilium candidum which is often represented in many works of art, the painter Tiziano Vecellio depicts it in the Annunciation as the flower offered by the archangel Gabriel to Mary.

The flowers consist of 6 petals and are often gathered in numerous inflorescences on long stems.


It is also called the lily of St. Anthony, the lily of the Madonna or the lily of St. Louis because it is a symbol of purity, chastity and goodness. It is one of the symbols with which Saint Anthony of Padua is traditionally represented.

Even for the Ancient Greeks the lily had a particular meaning, always linked to purity and fidelity: it seems that the priests placed a lily on the head of the brides during wedding ceremonies, as a symbol of mutual devotion and respect, so much so that still today it is used as an official flower to celebrate the sixth wedding anniversary.

Giving a lily as a gift means a lot for the person who receives it: the donor, in fact, claims to appreciate the qualities linked to the purity of soul of the recipient.


In analogy with the lily flower, symbol of purity, it rediscovers the purity and whiteness of a reactive body through a total purification of the organism.

The Clark Balanced Mix is ​​a medicinal compound made according to the original formulation of Dr. Hulda Clark. The base of this tincture is formed by green walnut husk , Artemisia-Absinthe and Cloves.

The green walnut husk supports the organism in its digestive function and in particular it supports the digestive system. The presence of the substance of juglone, the active ingredient, contributes to the functionality of intestinal transit and particularly helps those suffering from abdominal swelling and intestinal fermentations, often caused by an incorrect and disordered diet that leads to an accumulation of toxins.

Artemisia-absinthe its main properties are: choleretic, cholagogue (promotes bile secretion), eupeptic (facilitates digestion), emmenagogue (promotes and regulates menstrual flow), febrifuge, vermifuge.

Cloves exert their action mainly in the intestine, regulating their activity and promoting the elimination of gases,

The formula is enhanced by the presence of Burdock and Olive leaves .

Burdock has a purifying action on the skin, thanks also to its draining function which facilitates the elimination of toxins.

The olive leaves are very effective for the well-being of the circulation. In particular, it is a vasodilator and allows to improve the appearance of the skin of our body, because it allows better oxygenation.