Already the Vikings resorted to Rhodiola Rosea to increase them stamina and physical strength . In Asia and the Soviet Union the plant was used in sports, military, medical and even during space missions.

Starting from the sixties it became the subject of rigorous scientific studies which proved its own anti- fatigue properties , antidepressants and nervous system stimulants .

Rhodiola rosea is a powerful adaptogen , because it is able to improve the specific response of the body, normalize physiological processes and increase the body's resistance to stress .

The active ingredient responsible for all these benefits is said rosavina and is able to positively influence the availability of serotonin (feel-good hormone); norepinephrine and dopamine, which in neurological pathways regulate mood, and noradrenaline useful for increasing physical performance.

Try our Rhodiola Rosea !


  • Significantly lowers the immune system!
  • Physical stamina decreases!
  • Worsen the intellectual abilities!
  • Alters the mood and the ability to relate to the outside world!
  • It can cause hormonal imbalances!
  • In the long run, it can lead to depression!

… All this facilitates the onset of diseases.

To avoid these chain reactions it is necessary to eliminate the factors that cause stress and, at the same time, it is recommended to increase the individual's ability to react to it. There Rhodiola rosea it is very useful, thanks to the stimulating effect it has on the body's response to stress factors, without having the side effects of specific drugs.


  • Increase the ability to concentrate and memorize .
  • Counter i sleep disorders , le mood changes and some depressive syndromes .
  • Helps fight apathy and the sexual dysfunctions of a psychological nature.
  • It decreases mental fatigue .
  • Increase energy and the muscle endurance and decreases recovery times.
  • Effect anti aging preserving liver cells, fighting free radicals and improving the vital activity of cells.



Those who are about to face big changes in their life , allow the body to respond correctly to negative stimuli, to remain strong and healthy to face adversity and stress in the best way.

Who studies , because it minimizes the negative effects of stress by improving concentration and memory skills. In addition, it helps to manage anxiety and emotionality in favor of positive results.

Anyone who is overweight and is trying to lose the extra pounds can find a valid ally in Rhodiola because it helps to manage nervous hunger and other aspects of the psychological and emotional sphere that lead the body to gratify itself with food. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that it could have a positive influence on metabolism and on the ability to break down fats. In this case it is recommended to take the product before meals.

Who does sport as it increases physical and mental endurance, without having the doping effect and without side effects. The use of the Rhodiola rosea , therefore, can be extended to all situations in which a quick recovery of energy is required, even beyond the strictly competitive field.


  • To counteract chronic fatigue: dried fruit, dehydrated fruit and whole grains because they are rich in magnesium .
  • Against exhaustion: citrus fruits, berries and peppers because they contain vitamin C.
  • Countering sadness: yogurt, parmesan, sesame seeds, legumes and bananas because they are rich in folic acid .
  • Against apathy and bad mood: green leafy vegetables, chickpeas, hazelnuts and brewer's yeast because they contain a precursor of serotonin .