With the arrival of autumn , the problems we have to deal with every year inevitably return: the hair seems to fall out as soon as it is touched, no matter how much attention and care is dedicated to it, the skin seems increasingly dry despite the creams and the oils with which it is lovingly sprinkled and the nails bend as if made of jelly, due to excessive weakening. And many greetings to the strengthening and hardening enamel applied only a few days before!

As if this were not enough, the first sudden changes in temperature have begun to reap the first victims, and here appears a cold, a sore throat and that dry, annoying and irritating cough , which does not want to go away until after days.

These are the typical, recurring autumn annoyances , which however can be prevented and countered by following a routine focused on reinvigoration and strengthening .

In fact, there are some tricks and products that can be associated , to obtain a strengthening of the parts of the body most severely tested this season and, why not, also of the organism in general.

To prevent hair loss , in addition to using a shampoo suitable for your scalp and hair type (remember that dyed or lightened hair always needs some extra care), it is good to apply a strengthening mask with each wash. nourishing, which plumps the hair shaft without weighing it down. Hair masks should be applied from about half of the lengths and left on for at least 20 minutes, contrary to the recommended 5.

In the autumn season, however, this careful treatment may not be enough and the hair needs extra help from the inside. Any professional in the sector will confirm that, in case of excessive seasonal hair loss, it is good to start at least a month in advance to take supplements that prevent hair loss. However, they can also be useful when the process is already taking place, reducing the amount of hair that has fallen out and making it stronger and more beautiful .

Zinc is one of the most recommended supplements to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. A supplement based on Zinc Gluconate will be extremely beneficial for the hair, but not only. This element is also able to help in case of brittle nails , strengthening them and making them more resistant to the stresses to which they are subjected.

Especially for those who complain of brittle nails, both due to stress due to seasonal change, or due to shocks, a diet lacking in this element, chemical agents or detergents used, zinc can prove to be a valid help.

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Sulfur can also be useful for the integrity and health of hair and nails. The natural form of organic sulfur, Methylsulfonylmethane ( MSM), is a dietary supplement that invigorates cartilage and keratinized structures.

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Attention must also be paid to the skin . In fact, the epidermis is immediately affected by thermal changes and the stress to which it is subjected during the seasonal change can make it dry, red and cracked. Thanks also to the constant use of sanitizing gel , the protective lipid film of the skin is put to the test. In addition to applying creams, oils and packs, it is advisable to offer support from the inside also to the skin.

Vitamin E -based supplements are notoriously useful for the well-being of the skin. Vitamin E is a famous antioxidant, as well as being a valuable aid, much exploited, in countering inflammation locally. Combined with Vitamin A and Selenium in VitAES Complex, it represents a real cure-all for inflamed, dry and cracked skin so widespread in this period.

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We must not forget to strengthen the whole organism. Vitamin C represents the most widespread and known support for the immune defenses , but it also performs other useful functions for the human body.

In addition to activating the production of antibodies and increasing the efficacy of phagocytes, in fact, it is a powerful antioxidant , participates in the formation of collagen and promotes the absorption of zinc, magnesium and other minerals , iron in particular. It also helps to expel excess heavy metals.

In anticipation of the first cold, and with the difficult situation that the world is going through, it is however its effectiveness in increasing the resistance of the organism that interests most. The pure form of vitamin C, powdered ascorbic acid , is probably the most suitable as it allows for a more customizable intake according to your needs. In fact, it is possible to take the most suitable dose for itself (without exceeding the recommended one), dissolving it in water or even in a fruit juice. This makes it well tolerated even by children.

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