The previous months were characterized by a forced sedentary lifestyle, a sudden interruption of one's daily routine and one's favorite pastimes.

Now that a new phase begins, we feel weak, unprepared and disoriented to face again the work and other commitments . The end of the lockdown is marked by the resumption for many at work. The abandonment of the home nest paradoxically generates both physical and psychological ailments: bad mood, joint pain, lack of energy and concentration.

It is a discomfort very similar to returning after holidays, where you feel tired and in a bad mood.

Adapting to the new schedules and respecting the various daily commitments generates annoyance and anxiety for at least the first few weeks.

What to do?

First of all, take advantage of the beautiful days and take advantage of a nice walk in the open air as much as possible. In fact, enjoying the sunlight produces serotonin, the good mood hormone and melatonin, the sleep hormone that allows you to have a regular and quality rest.

Another advice is aimed at nutrition : do not get too heavy in the lunch break. If we are in the office, for example, have a feast of vegetables. To counteract the drop in energy in the afternoon, treat yourself to a snack based on nuts or oil seeds.

A precious help comes to us from nature with Antistress Complex

It is a medicinal compound based on a blend of herbs:

Rhodiola rosea : known since ancient times for its benefits. The Greeks used it for its invigorating properties. The active ingredients contained in it are able to stimulate the production, in our body, of the "molecules of happiness", thus improving the mood with an antidepressant effect and reducing physical fatigue.

Shisandra Chinensis : used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine, it is known not only for its anti-stress effect but also for its antioxidant action accompanied by an improvement in liver function and the upper airways.

Verbena : herb able to promote relaxation and mental well-being, also useful for its ability to counteract menstrual and menopausal disorders.

Oats : acts as a natural relaxant, improving mental well-being.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) : acts on psycho-physical well-being.

Centella : Also known as "meadow tiger", it improves memory and cognitive functions.

Savory : promotes digestive function and regulates gastrointestinal motility, which in case of stress, are put to the test.

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