This year lunches, dinners and dances in company will be avoided, but this does not mean that we cannot celebrate in grand style anyway.

The fundamental thing is to recreate the right atmosphere : revive the home environment and revisit it in a Christmas key when few people have the opportunity to see it may seem like a waste of time, but in reality it will help to feel the spirit of Christmas more in this. such a special occasion.

Where to start?

The tree, with all its balls and festoons, has been ready for a few weeks now, the lights are hanging, the decorations have been applied ... what else is needed to give the house a festive atmosphere and make it a warm nest and comfortable , in which to spend these days enjoying the winter and the magic of Christmas in total relaxation ?

The atmosphere: perfume the house with orange and cinnamon

Spreading typically winter essences at home, such as orange combined with cinnamon , can help to give the environment a warm and reassuring atmosphere, which refers to the quiet winter days spent with the family, perhaps in front of a lit fireplace. sip an herbal tea

For this purpose it is possible to opt for a lighter fragrance, perhaps by placing some orange peel (on which ground cinnamon has been rubbed), on radiators, stoves or fireplace hoods, or for a more intense and enveloping, perceptible scent. throughout the house, using essential oils.

These can be used in a diffuser (there are many types on the market: electric, flame or ultrasonic, each characterized by different materials, design and accessory functions), in a classic humidifier or by applying a few drops on a cloth placed on the radiators. .

The perfume released will not only help create the right atmosphere, but will also have all the recognized benefits of aromatherapy: they are in fact two energizing essences, but also warming, which reassure and make you feel pampered.

To have the rooms constantly pervaded by a spicy and citrus scent trail, it is also possible to create your own spray for furnishing fabrics, completely natural, by adding a few drops of sweet orange and cinnamon essential oil to a half-full spray bottle. of distilled water and vaporize the liquid on blankets, curtains, throws and pillows.

Warm your home with natural essential oils: try sweet orange essential oil paired with cinnamon essential oil.

And to give a personal and fragrant touch always taking advantage of this classic combination, you can also indulge yourself with DIY. It is sufficient to cut an orange into slices, sprinkle the latter with cinnamon and, joining them with some thread, create a decoration to hang; perhaps enriched with cinnamon sticks decorated with red and gold ribbons.

Orange and cinnamon ... even at the table!

Indecision about what to offer in the family of tasty but at the same time light, which does not weigh down after excessively caloric dishes?

Cinnamon boasts, among its properties, that of stimulating and facilitating digestion : why not use it to give a touch of particularity to the classic oranges?

Just cut an orange into slices first and then reduce these into triangles, arrange them on a plate (for an artistic touch you can also arrange them slightly on top of each other) and sprinkle with ground cinnamon and granulated sugar.

This mix will be useful both to facilitate digestion and to refresh the oral cavity after a not really "light" meal.