There are really many causes that can lead to physical and mental stress, and even more are the consequences to which an accumulation of stress can lead. Among these, anxiety and nervousness are at the top.

More and more people are afflicted with it and complain of manifestations such as insomnia and sleep disturbances, headaches, agitation, physical and mental fatigue, mood swings, feelings of anguish and dejection.

Until a few years ago, the use (and abuse) of tranquilizers, sedatives and anxiolytics was frequent; however, recently the attention has shifted to products of natural origin, usually without the typical side effects of drugs and well supported by the body. Furthermore, often these natural remedies also boast many other beneficial properties that can be useful.

Rhodiola r osea is a plant native to cold regions, which boasts tonic-adaptogenic properties. It can help to counteract stress and physical and mental fatigue, contribute to the maintenance of a normal mood , and is also able to promote memory and learning .

Integration with Rhodiola is therefore a valid help for those who:

  • is facing a period of changes or situations involving stress or anxiety (exams, relocations, new job, excessive study);
  • it must guarantee high intellectual performance;
  • is starting a diet (in fact it contributes to the sense of satiety and counteracts nervous hunger )

The beneficial effects of Rhodiola are manifested both in terms of physical and mental performance; in the first case, Rhodiola helps to increase energy and muscle endurance.

Being a plant that balances the psycho-physical sphere, it proves to be particularly valuable in all the changes of the season, periods of the year in which the body is put to the test by climatic and light variations. Furthermore, since it has the ability to counteract anxiety and nervousness thanks to its calming properties , it constitutes a good basis for strengthening the immune defenses that can be weakened by continuous stress.

It also acts as an adjuvant in low- calorie diets as, if also associated with proper physical exercise, it promotes the metabolism of fats.

While taking Rhodiola it is advised to decrease or avoid the ingestion of exciting drinks, such as tea or coffee. One package is sufficient for a use of about 1 month.

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To provide greater support from the physical point of view to the body and to facilitate recovery, it is possible to take Alkavita Basic , a supplement based on horsetail extract and a mixture of mineral salts essential for maintaining the well-being of the whole organism. .

Horsetail has strong diuretic properties, therefore it is useful for promoting good functionality of the urinary tract and kidneys.
It is also used for its remineralizing properties; in fact, it promotes the growth of bones, teeth and the growth of nails and hair.
Thanks to its anti- inflammatory properties, it can also be used against various types of affections affecting the mucous membranes (inflamed throat, red eyelids, conjunctivitis).

Among the mineral salts present stand out potassium, dolomite, calcium, magnesium and zinc: these are alkaline minerals, therefore able to promote the acid-base balance of the body, which often in case of debilitation, tiredness or excessive exhaustion or only to facilitate recovery, they must be replenished due to physiological losses.

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