Modern life, with its days full of commitments that do not leave a moment of respite, certainly does not contribute to a particularly relaxed state of mind. This hectic and at times stressful lifestyle has repercussions on our mind, first of all that of increasing anxiety in an abnormal way.

Anxiety , especially if perceived as a feeling of anguish, haste or stress on a general level, is actually a disorder so frequent that it is often diminished ; but, especially in subjects who are already anxious by nature, this can also have repercussions on the physical level : these people can in fact manifest real anxiety attacks , characterized by tremors and a sensation of cold, up to leading to real crises panic, with cold sweats and feelings of oppression and suffocation. Plus it can lead to recurring migraines and headaches that are sometimes really disabling.

Obviously, these are only sensations processed by our brain , as a response to the stress it is subjected to; but for those in the midst of an anxiety crisis it is difficult to formulate these thoughts rationally. Furthermore, all this causes a sense of discomfort to those who are subject to it, as they do not know when this could recur, and this also negatively affects the quality of life.

Trying to trace the triggering cause (almost always present in these cases, such as an exam or a test to pass, an important change in sight or an excessive amount of daily stress) in order to metabolize it and eliminate it is the best strategy. Since it is a product of the psyche, analyzing its origin with a clear and rational mind can help to avoid the most unpleasant manifestations.

To support this struggle on a mental level and directly counteract the manifestations on the physical level, it is possible to resort to some herbs known for their calming properties.

The Antistress Complex is a completely natural supplement capable of promoting physiological relaxation; contains extracts of Tulsi, Verbena, Rhodiola rosea, Centella asiatica and Avena, plants known for their sedative and anxiolytic action.

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Aromatherapy is also very useful for relaxing the mind: fragrances such as lavender essential oil have a relaxing effect on both mind and body. Taking a hot bath with the addition of a few drops of lavender oil to the bubble bath or directly into the water, depositing a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser or on the pillow before falling asleep or sprinkling it on a handkerchief to keep close to you promotes calm and relaxation. sleep.

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If you want an anti-stress that is at the same time a powerful anxiolytic and tranquilizer then the ideal is the lime bud extract , excellent for all those cases in which the anxious component also involves the stomach and intestines or causes palpitations. It also allows you to better manage hypermotivity.

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Finally, if anxiety and stress also cause sleep disturbances and prevent a good rest, it is possible to resort to a mineral such as magnesium. Alkavita Mag Magnesium Chloride is able to act as a tonic counteracting insomnia due to states of anxiety and nervousness. Ideal for those who struggle to fall asleep or are the victim of frequent nocturnal awakenings.

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