Known as the miracle tree, the Neem plant has exceptional health-promoting properties.

Native to the Indian subcontinent, Neem is an evergreen of the Meliaceae family that produces small yellowish fruits containing one or more seeds in a hard core, from which the oil is extracted.

In addition to its beneficial properties on our body, Neem is often used in agriculture to keep pests away from plantations.

What are the properties of Neem Oil?

  • Protects the skin : moisturizes and nourishes the skin in case of psoriasis and eczema
  • It strengthens weak hair , nourishes it, eliminates dandruff and rebalances the scalp
  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • Protects from mosquitoes (apply a few drops on bites or saucers to prevent larvae from forming)
  • Keeps fleas and parasites away from cats and dogs
  • Helps to heal
  • Excellent natural pesticide for the soil

Neem Oil in Leaves is the natural proposal in a practical bottle equipped with a pipette.

Useful in cosmetics, to strengthen hair, protect the skin, in gardening and among our animal friends. Keep away insects and mosquitoes, without harming your health.

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