We dedicate this article to women and their well-being, paying particular attention to those who are in a phase of change which, even if completely natural, can bring some inconveniences: menopause .

It is also important to remember how Western society itself once valued the figure of the woman who, with the cessation of the cycle, became the bearer of the traditions and rites of the community. In this new role she became a priestess, diviner, midwife.

Every woman is different and will experience menopause in a different way, we hope that some of you can find some useful ideas in this article, to live this in a serene way and without discomfort. new stage of life .

During the fertile period of every woman, the ovaries are involved in the synthesis of certain hormones and the maturation of the follicles. The moment this activity of the ovaries ceases, the levels of estrogen the cyclical production of progesterone .

The ovaries gradually become smaller, from this moment on they will carry only a small amount of hormones necessary for the well-being of the organism.

It can be understood that the woman is going through a phase of change in which hormones significantly influence her daily life.


Black cohosh and sage against hot flashes and excessive sweating

One of the best known and most annoying ailments are hot flashes, often accompanied by increased sweating. Black Cohosh, thanks to its estrogenic action acts as a rebalancing of the female hormonal system, relieving hot flashes. Sage, on the other hand, considered a panacea since ancient times, seems to be able to completely counteract hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Hawthorn and hops eg for restlessness and insomnia

Hops are an excellent sedative and rebalancing of the nervous system, useful in case of hyperexcitability, insomnia of nervous origin and states of tension. Its action is enhanced by that of hawthorn which exerts a sedative and muscle relaxant action, promoting sleep and relaxation.


Red clover to regain balance

This delicate flower acts as a hormonal rebalancing owes its effectiveness to the presence of isoflavones, natural phytoestrogens very studied for their antioxidant and estrogenic-like effects.

The properties of these plants are grouped in Normal Break Medicinal compound .


The reduction in estrogen causes a less calcium fixation in the bones. This can lead to increased bone fragility and the onset of osteoporosis.

Women will be more predisposed to this than:

  • I am excessively underweight.
  • They lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • They have suffered previous fractures.
  • They were calcium deficient in the previous age.
  • The smokers.
  • Women who consume alcohol, salt and coffee in excessive doses.

It is very important to play on the prevention trying to regulate weight, following a balanced diet, getting used to active lifestyles, avoiding or limiting as much as possible the consumption of substances harmful to health.

When menopause arrives, it will be easier to avoid weight gain and changes will also be welcomed more serenely.

A good rule to follow is the integration of Calcium and Vitamin D through specific supplements such as Alkavita ® Calcium Mix , a food supplement in tablets based on Calcium and Vitamin D with gradual release in the intestine.

Calcium , in addition to being essential for the health of teeth and bones , plays a leading role in muscle contraction , blood coagulation, metabolic processes, immune response and the transmission of nerve impulses.

For a good utilization of calcium the presence of Vitamin D is essential, which for this reason is found in the right quantity within the product.


Modern society is the mother of the idea that menopause is comparable to a disease and in which great value is given to youth. This is why it is important to remember once again that this is a new and natural phase in a woman's life, which does not compromise her role in the family and in society. Often women who are approaching menopause are at the top of their careers and occupy key roles in the social environment in which they are inserted. For this it is necessary to live it in the best way.