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Unleash your energy and rediscover yourself at the top with MAGNESIUM B-VITALITY!

Whether you are an amateur sportsman or a professional, or simply an active person who makes the most of the hours of the day and never stands still, you have probably asked yourself at least once: how can I get more energy to face the day?

A valid ally in this daily enterprise are food supplements: Magnesium B-Vitality and D-Ribosio.

The change of season, or rather, the change of season is one of the many indicators that support the need for a good lifestyle.

In fact, it is well known that at the beginning of spring or autumn many people complain of "serious" difficulties due to various kinds of ailments and annoyances.

If we then add stress, periods of intense physical exertion or significant changes in our life, the burden on our body and mind increases.

Magnesium B-Vitality proves to be a precious ally for our body, revitalizing it to the fullest.

Formulated in convenient tablets, it is ideal for all the times we need to recharge, and with just two tablets a day we get 100% of the daily reference nutritional value.

Contains three types of magnesium: oxide, citrate and glycerophosphate.

It is very rich in all the B vitamins with the precious addition of zinc, folic acid, calcium and phosphorus.

Together, the B vitamins help to obtain energy from food and are involved in numerous processes that take place within the body. They are also necessary for the production of red blood cells and for the health of the nervous system.

These are water-soluble vitamins; for this reason the body cannot store them and easily eliminates them with the urine, which means that they must be taken daily,

The addition of folic acid , known above all for its importance during pregnancy, is actually essential at any time of life as it is involved in numerous essential processes for the body, such as the well-being of the heart.