Well-being also comes from the pages we browse.

How much do we read?

How do we immerse ourselves in the adventures of unknown characters who gradually become life companions?

Well yes, we become fond of certain protagonists because their personality somehow touches our emotional chords .

Reading represents an activity that leads to short and long-term psychological benefits . It influences psychological health on multiple levels. Let's see them together!

Reading enhances our cognitive abilities

Reading improves our communication and linguistic ability . It helps to understand the text in its details by going in depth with facts, news and problems.

Through books we learn about the world thanks to the reasoning and lives of others . But not only. Reading leads us to read our soul in an authentic way. Our knowledge goes beyond appearances.

Reading stimulates memory , attention and concentration , reasoning and critical ability : when faced with a story our mind must remember names, events, connections between facts and characters.

Reading teaches us empathy

When we read we imagine the stories of the characters and their feelings. We try to understand their decisions and their emotional states . If the reading becomes intense these emotional and psychological flows are perceived first-hand.

We can be moved, laugh or angry by the events of the protagonists.

All this is a real training ground to train us to take into consideration the minds of others.

Reading reduces stress

When the reader connects with the pages of the book, reading becomes an enjoyable activity. Time and problems seem to lighten up. Stories and adventures on paper keep us company, we feel less alone, we welcome concrete behavior models that stimulate internal self-knowledge.

We often exclaim: "I think like him too!!"

Or: “How many times has this happened to me too!!”

This game of reflection improves mood , determines internal emotional regulation and leads us to consider others as human beings different from us but also similar.

Reading improves self - esteem

The latest research shows that recreational reading enhances self-confidence because it allows you to recognize your own inner world, giving it meaning and value.

I challenge you:

  • Get a new book
  • Immerse yourself in the pages with these new awarenesses
  • At the end of reading, try to describe what you felt in terms of thoughts and emotions.

If you don't want to be alone in this new experience I invite you to participate in the new season of my workshop (MI) LEGGO . It is a cycle of 4 meetings . Every month, for 4 months, we will read a book together . After reading the book of the month we will find ourselves in a digital (online) room to reflect on emotions and thoughts related to the plot of the chosen novel.

It's much more than a book club!

We will be working in a small group, so places will be limited!

We will leave in March!

To book your place write to me at cristinaminotti90@gmail.com

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I am waiting for you! It will be an exciting adventure!

Dr. Cristina Minotti