Happy first day of autumn! Now there are no excuses: summer is over.

We are at the end of the month and like any good September that is respected, it is a time for good intentions.

Everyone has their own TO DO LIST, but who really respects it?

How many times have we said:

"Diet from tomorrow"

The delicious summer dishes we ate made everyone feel guilty with them. Nothing is lost, however, there is still time to improve one's diet and integrate it with the right nutritional principles: fruit and vegetables must never be lacking, especially now that our body needs to take vitamins and minerals to prepare for anticipation. of the colder days.

The right hydration is also fundamental, often underestimated, which will allow the body to perform its functions effectively.

"In September I enroll in the gym"

There are those who hate it and those who love it, there is still no middle ground. If you do not particularly like the closed environment of the gym, a useful alternative could be to take long walks in the middle of nature which will soon be tinged with its most beautiful colors.

If, on the other hand, time does not allow it, it is always possible to carry out a circuit of cardio exercises at home.

"I need to read more"

A good book can keep us company on days when the sun is a bit shy. Reading allows us to know and understand, but above all, to estrange ourselves in another reality: our mind begins to travel and imagine making us forget for a moment what we have around us.

"I need some relaxation"

Taking time out for oneself is increasingly delayed. Our body gives its best to allow us to face the days in the best way and the only way to thank it is to dedicate time to it. Cultivating a hobby, enjoying a good glass of red wine, getting a moisturizing mask or why not, a relaxing massage allows you to reconnect with your body and face the days with the right sprint.

"I have to prepare the body for winter"

Rediscovering relaxation means taking care of the mind and body: in order to be ready for the arrival of autumn, it is necessary to strengthen the immune defenses, an excellent ally is Echinocaps immuno.

Echinocaps is a supplement with immunostimulating action based on vitamin C , echinacea, uncaria and elderflower .

Its main ingredients are:

  • The E chinacea carries out an antibiotic and bacteriostatic action, blocking bacterial proliferation and inflammation typical of the first autumn ailments.
  • Uncaria tumentosa also called "cat's claw" the root of this plant is considered a natural antibiotic
  • Elderberry stimulates secretions and therefore has a soothing action on the inflamed mucous membranes
  • Vitamin C with antioxidant and restorative action
  • Zinc, copper and vitamins B6 and B12 essential for the proper functioning of the immune system

It is recommended to take 2 tablets a day with a glass of water, the body will get a great sprint!

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