The Sana bar of soap it is quite natural , completely ecological for body hygiene, enriched with plant substances with phytotherapeutic properties.

It is produced and cold worked , obtained from the saponification of food-grade fatty acids contained in coconut oil. Neither animal nor industrial fats are used.

The rich formula cleanses gently, takes care of the health and beauty of your skin, thanks to the precious properties of its ingredients:

  • Neem leaf oil , emollient and soothing.
  • Nigella oil , nourishing and purifying.
  • Turmeric , for deep hygiene.

"Thanks to the creamy foam it gives you the first cuddle of the morning"

Made for everyone: for those who want to maintain their well-being and for those who have yet to reach a balance, for those who want to purify oily skin and for those who do not want to dry it out at a mature age. For the most delicate little hands of children and for those who are not afraid of getting dirty.