The well-being of the hair is linked to the health of the skin, which must be in perfect balance: an oily skin leads to dry hair, which easily loses tone and volume, often characterized by split ends; on the contrary, dry skin generates greasy hair that gets dirty easily and requires frequent washing. It is easy to see how this generates a vicious circle, since washing leads to eliminating a layer of fat from the skin, which in turn responds by increasing the production of sebum, with the final result of having even more greasy hair.

It is important to understand that what makes the difference is not only the frequency of washing but above all the quality of the shampoo used which must be based on natural extracts , must respect the pH of the skin and not alter the balance of sebaceous production .


Neem Shampoo with Aloe and Keratin has an energizing, detoxifying and emollient action.
It cleanses the scalp in a delicate way by removing the impurities present.
Enriched with Keratin the hair will turn out bright ed hydrated
from the root to the lengths.

It is particularly valuable for those suffering from dandruff or skin irritation: in fact, Neem has strong disinfectant, elasticizing, moisturizing, soothing and anti- seborrheic properties;

Contains 100% natural vegetable oils;

It does not contain parabens, therefore it is less foamy and less aggressive than the products on the market.

It has an antistatic action and an anti-frizz effect that will help you keep your hair in order.



Hair loss is often regarded as one of the first symptoms of a deficiency of this mineral. In fact, zinc is essential for:

  • The formation of keratin which forms the structure of skin, nails and hair ;
  • Protein synthesis which plays an important role in the development of healthy hair by acting on the activity of the hair follicle;
  • The formation of collagen , which in turn contributes to the formation of connective tissue and allows the hair to be anchored to the scalp;


The action of Zinc can be maximized by combining a multivitamin with VITAES , based on Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium , which contribute to the formation of collagen and protect the skin from oxidation damage.

Or an excellent synergistic action is obtained with MSM , the organic sulfur that will help you from the inside for the regrowth of nails and hair and will give your skin a healthy and radiant appearance!