Bath salts and foot baths are an excellent relaxing and simple remedy to do at home, especially to start the summer in the best possible way.

Their bright colors bring joy and relax the sight and the scents they release are a real panacea for the body.

Soft lights, scented candles and good music will complete your moment of relaxation.

Don't be discouraged by laziness and lack of time: no excuses for a healthy relaxing bath to do at least on weekends!


Which bath salts to choose for our skin and according to our needs? Which have the targeted action on muscles or cellulite?

Sea salt has a remodeling and anti-swelling action, choosing it with the scent of citrus peel, such as lemon and bergamot, you will get a strong draining and anti-cellulite effect.

Adding drops of essential oils will make your bath or foot bath more magical and effective: lavender and rosemary to combat stress and help sleep.

Epsom salts , on the other hand, perform a purifying action on the whole organism and in addition they are a cure-all against stress and ideal for promoting muscle relaxation, especially.

Which ones to prefer?

Finding your own harmony thanks to the aromatherapy of salts is a true ritual of well-being. The essential oils added to a hot bath give the special note for a specific action.

  • Cypress essential oil for a detoxifying and anti-cellulite action
  • Rosemary essential oil for a tonic action and to obtain more energy.
  • Lavada essential oil for a relaxing and anti-stress action


Finally we could get rid of the closed shoes, typical of winter, and also dedicate ourselves a little to the care of our beloved feet, creating a simple do-it-yourself foot bath. It is a real "beauty ritual", panacea for our well-being. Health passes through our feet, which are often underestimated for various reasons.

A fresh and regenerating foot bath is an excellent habit especially for those suffering from tired feet and legs.

The essential products and tools to create an excellent do-it-yourself footbath are easy to find and within everyone's reach.

To carry out our homemade foot bath, we will first of all need a basin in which to soak our feet, coarse kitchen salt or specific bath salts with a sanitizing and perfumed function. We'll also need baking soda to dissolve in water along with salt, almond oil, or your favorite essential oils to moisturize your foot skin once it's dry.

The foot bath is an excellent solution for those who want to get soft heels, right now that summer is approaching and they are starting to wear open shoes. They can be made with both sea salt and epsom salts which relax the muscles.

What result do you want to achieve?

A relaxing and well-being effect or an improvement in blood circulation?

In the first case, the water must be lukewarm but not boiling while in the second case, the ideal is cold water or alternating hot and cold water, 5 minutes apart, to have an effect more invigorating.

The coarse salt and the bicarbonate have a purifying action that reaches deep, they are natural disinfectants and allow to "regenerate" the skin. The feet must remain soaked for at least 20 minutes during which it is preferable to rest with the mind, avoiding using cell phones and computers.

Happy relaxing bath to all!