Among the most beautiful There are legends for children, suitable for explaining even the simplest things to them: from why the seasons follow one another, to why after the rain the rainbow appears.

Fables, myths, legends and fairy tales describe a fantastic world that children appreciate to better understand the reality that surrounds them.

January is one of the coldest months of the year and we can't help but think of a Frozen-style legend.

Do you know all the days of the blackbird?

The popular belief that the days of the blackbird are the coldest of the year is in contrast with the weather statistics of the last decades, but like all traditions it persists strongly in the collective imagination.

According to the traditions linked to the days of the blackbird "if the days of the blackbird are cold, spring will be beautiful; if they are warm, spring will be late in coming."

Also in this case they are beliefs that do not always correspond to reality.

Every year we ask ourselves if this tradition will be respected: it is difficult to establish exactly because this depends on each individual location. The cold spike is not the same for all cities.

The legend

A legend with a blackbird as its protagonist explains the origin of the phrase “days of the blackbird” as if it were a fable: its characters are a completely white blackbird and the personification of January , cold and icy.

January was a somewhat spiteful month, which enjoyed covering the ground with snow and frost as soon as the blackbird decided to put its beak out of the den to get food.

One day the blackbird decided to collect a lot of food to face the cold January in the heat in its den.

January then, which until that moment lasted only 28 days, was angry and, to punish the blackbird, added 3 very cold days to his month. Taken aback, the blackbird found a makeshift refuge in a chimney and, at the end of the three days, it came out all black with soot , thus marking the future plumage of the specimens of its species.

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