It will not be a Christmas as crowded and full of hugs as we are usually used to, but the tradition of the tree remains and perhaps this year we feel even more the need to decorate our homes to create a positive and festive atmosphere .

There is a need for colors, lights and sounds to fill the house with the magic of Christmas.

Instead of buying the usual Christmas decorations to decorate the tree, why not try to create them with your own hands?

It will take a lot of imagination and good creative recycling!

A job that will entertain young and old and will help pass the time in the holidays.

Here are some imaginative ideas:

Glitter balls


  • Glass ball (if helped by the little ones, it is better to use polystyrene balls)
  • Clear vinyl
  • Colorful glitter
  • Colored twine thread

Get yourself a glass sphere, the most classic glass balls on sale at Christmas time.

With a brush, sprinkle the glue on the surface of the ball. It is possible to sprinkle it evenly or arrange it in such a way as to draw a star, a heart, what suggests the imagination and the creative flair of the moment. Pour the glitter on the glue; if you have opted for a completely glittery ball, it will be sufficient to roll it into a saucer in which the glitter has been previously poured

For those with patience and precision, a variant of great effect involves proceeding step by step using glitter of different colors; just do it one piece at a time, taking care to let one part dry before proceeding with the next. It will certainly be impactful and above all ... artisanal!

Once the glue has dried, simply attach a piece of string to the surface of the balls with a little glue and, when this has solidified, attach them to the tree or surface to be decorated.


Santa Claus light bulbs


  • Bulbs out of order
  • Acrylic colors
  • Small pieces of red felt
  • Cotton
  • String

Old light bulbs can be transformed with a little inventiveness into cute miniature Santa Clauses.

With some red felt and some cotton, create a conical hat; it will be used to hide the bulb attachment and add the wire to hang it.

Fix them with hot glue to make sure they don't fall out and then pierce the tip; insert a piece of string at the end of which a small loop will then be made.

At this point it is possible to indulge in colors to create the dress and face of Santa Claus, in many and fun versions.

Stuffed balls


  • Transparent balls
  • Glitter
  • Pine needles
  • Shiny paper threads (such as gift wrapping)
  • Polystyrene or sugar balls

With very simple transparent balls it is possible to create really special and completely personalized decorations for the Christmas tree: filled with glitter, dried flowers, pout pourri, silver or golden threads, buttons, microscopic polystyrene balls, sugar and pine needles. the magic of Christmas and the winter landscape ... enclosed in a ball.



  • Sheets of paper (white or colored)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or giltter (optional)
  • Wire

The classic, timeless school chore that everyone has done during the Christmas period at least once. Economic, ecological and yet of great impact; hanging from chandeliers and shelves it creates a beautiful, very scenographic effect, and also lends itself very well as a decoration for the Christmas tree.

It is sufficient to take a square of paper and fold it along the diagonal several times, to obtain a triangle; at this point with the scissors you have to cut out: it is necessary to make cuts, fringes, cut out small shapes (half heart, half triangle, half square, half star) along the two edges. the watchword is: fantasy. The important thing is to remember to finish the curved part with a point, to give the impression of a real snow crystal once opened.

When you open the sheet, you will find a magical bow in your hands, ready to be sprinkled with glitter (to your taste) and hung with a thread on the first available surface. It is also possible to create a cascade of bows, applying four or five of different sizes on a single thread.

And which decoration do you prefer?

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