The epiphany takes all parties away ... and this year what awaits you under the stocking of the Epiphany?

To start off on the right foot in the new year, you need to start taking care of yourself.

This is why we have reserved many new offers for you to take advantage of on the weekend of the epiphany.

Zeolite : to start the purification

The accumulation of harmful substances within the body occurs due to the consumption of junk food and drugs, pollution and smoking.

After a festive period, like the Christmas one, it is necessary to do some cleansing of our body. For this it is necessary to remove the heavy metals that have accumulated in the body before they become harmful.

Thanks to its crystalline structure, Zeolite can allow the absorption of numerous toxins in order to trap them and subsequently expel them from our body.

This is why Zeolite can be useful in case of:

  • Excess of heavy metals
  • Excess of free radicals
  • Radio-chemotherapy

Zenzimix : the post "Christmas binge" remedy

With the Christmas period even the healthiest people found themselves in difficulty after having faced the numerous aperitifs, dinners and very frequent toasts during the holidays. This is why our intestines need a hand to return to normal.

To return to having optimal digestion Zenzimix is ​​the ideal remedy. In fact, it helps fight digestive disorders thanks to its formulation composed of a mixture of digestive enzymes enhanced with three plant extracts:

  • Gentian, a herb that has strong digestive and liver function stimulating properties
  • Boldo, promotes the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract. It also helps the regularity of intestinal transit.
  • Ginger regulates gastrointestinal motility and eliminates digestive gas. Helps fight nausea.

What is its strong point? It has an immediate action effect! Try it now.

Kelp : It's time to get in shape

With the arrival of the new year, many draw up a list of good resolutions, one of them is to get in good shape in the new year. This is why the time has come to give your metabolism a boost and allow you to burn all those fats accumulated in the previous days and there is no better way than with brown seaweed and Kelp.

The generic name "Kelp" refers to the brown algae, rich in iodine, which act as accelerators of the body's energy metabolism. In fact, they contain a much higher quantity than that found in plant foods.

It also contains a natural fiber that can reduce intestinal fat absorption by up to 75%. Obviously, if you want to lose weight, the intake of seaweed should be associated with a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet.