In ancient times it was believed that people who ate on silver plates got sick less. To rediscover the therapeutic properties of colloidal silver was an American doctor, Dr. Carl Moyer of the Washington Department of Surgery, who in the 1970s developed a series of interesting studies and experiments, among which he demonstrated how it was able to inactivate the enzymes that allow pathogens to survive. From here we understand the importance of silver in daily life, as a powerful natural antiseptic.

Do we really know silver and its properties?

Colloidal Silver is an internal and topical remedy with antibacterial properties.

Biomedical research has shown that no single-celled pathogenic organism (bacterium, virus, fungus) can live more than a few minutes in the presence of silver.

When to use silver?

  • when you want to purify and disinfect the skin in a natural way;
  • when an insect has stung us, as it soothes the itch;
  • in case of otitis and eye discomfort;
  • for small wounds, being able to heal quickly;
  • to protect the skin especially if you go to public places, environments such as swimming pools and gyms;
  • in case of herpes, candida or cystitis;
  • to disinfect the umbilical cord of newborns

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