It happens very often that hair tends to fall out and get damaged if it is neglected and little cared for.

To avoid this, just pay some extra attention to your hair!

Make a compress to strengthen your hair and improve their health.

The ingredient behind this pack is coconut oil.

Coconut oil has particular chemical properties that at a temperature above 20 ° C it melts, while below that temperature it is solid. Thanks to the content of lauric acid , it has antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is also quickly absorbed by the hair and nourishes it and makes it strong and shiny.

Here are the various steps to make an effective and simple hair pack.


  • Coconut oil
  • Tea tree essential oil (optional)


Apply a tablespoon of coconut oil on the lengths and ends, warming it with your hands. Leave on for 30 minutes before shampooing and wrap your head with a cap or towel.

You can add 3-4 drops of tea tree essential oil to coconut oil and apply it to the skin as well.

Tea tree essential oil soothes inflammation and itching of the skin; stops the intensive loss of hair, restores their vitality and natural brilliance and volumizes and disciplines the hair.


Hair loss can be caused by a lack of trace elements, minerals and vitamins such as zinc (Zn), selenium (Se) and vitamins A and E.

Selenium improves hair growth rates and associated with Zinc makes them stronger and shinier. Vitamin A is essential for keeping skin and hair healthy.

Furthermore, methylsulfonylmethane provides the right amount of natural sulfur, useful for nourishing and protecting the skin and maintaining normal levels of keratin (at the basis of hair and nail health).

Try Zinc Gluconate , VIT-AES and MSM for thicker, shinier hair.