Wisteria (wisteria sinesi) is a beautiful and hardy climbing plant.

It blooms in spring, between May and June, giving a truly extraordinary sight, its leaves are small and light green, but it is the flowers that appear first. Gathered in clusters they vary in color: they range from light blue to violet.


Originally from China and Mongolia, many stories and legends revolve around it. It is said, in fact, that the Chinese emperors during their travels brought with them small wisteria bonsai, to be given as a sign of friendship and benevolence, to the inhabitants of foreign lands.


The violet color of the plant brings it closer to the figure of the goddess of beauty Venus, to become an evident symbol of sensuality and femininity.

The color purple can also be associated with the seventh chakra in Ayurvedic medicine, the chakra of spirituality and meditation. In Chinese medicine it turns out to be a reflection Yin color.

Many researchers, including Leonardo da Vinci, claim that the color purple increases meditative power. Leonardo himself advised to go to churches to meditate in the vicinity of purple stained glass windows.

By reconnecting to the seventh chakra, the nervous system is associated with it both for its position and for the function it performs in relaxing the muscles and nerves of the entire body.

Purple-colored foods, such as aubergines, black grapes, blackberries are those that are instinctively eaten when the brain and nervous system need nourishment. They are in fact foods very rich in magnesium and other fundamental elements useful for brain activity.


Magnesium appears to be an indispensable element for nourishing the brain and promoting relaxation.

Magnesium chloride in particular has a relaxing effect on the whole organism. It relaxes all the muscles of the body, promoting rest and counteracting the symptoms of stress and fatigue. It favors the regulation of the work of neurotransmitters, which send impulses from the brain to every part of the body. This is also useful for improving the person's concentration and brain function.

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