Swelling of the legs , accompanied by an annoying sense of heaviness and sometimes itching , is a more common problem than you think and, contrary to common belief, it does not only afflict women.

The swelling is due to venous insufficiency , i.e. the slowing of blood circulation from the feet to the pelvis, with consequent malfunction of the microcirculation .

What are the causes?

The triggers are the most disparate: heredity , sedentary lifestyle , incorrect postures (for example, being at the desk for many hours, with the legs tense under the chair or worse, crossed, obstructs the blood flow), but also the diet , high temperatures (vasodilation) and the habit of wearing tight clothes or inappropriate footwear .

Exercises to lighten the legs

It is especially in the evening that the legs are felt: the skin tingles, the ankles and the feet are swollen and sometimes red and painful.

This occurs especially for those who spend many hours sitting, lying or standing, always in the same position.

With some small and simple exercises, however, it is possible to relieve this part of the body subjected to a harsh treatment throughout the day, benefiting from it after just a few sessions.

Exercise 1

Begin lying on your back, with your legs bent and your knees to your chest. The head is relaxed backwards and the arms should be placed at the sides with the palms facing upwards,

As you exhale, extend your legs as far as possible towards the ceiling with your hammer feet. It should be done carefully and without excessive effort, you shouldn't feel pain; in case you can help by leaning against a wall. 20 repetitions are recommended.

Exercise 2

You start standing, with your hands resting on the back of a chair. Place a book on the ground (the thickness should be about 20 cm) and step on it with one foot, resting only on one leg. The heel must remain on the outside of the book.

Exhaling, rise on the tip of the foot and inhaling lower the heel as much as possible. Perform 3 sets of 10-20 repetitions, with short rests of 30-60 seconds between one set and the next, then switch legs.

Exercise 3

You start lying on the ground, supine, with your arms at your sides and the palms of your hands in contact with the floor, for extra support.

Breathing in, raise both legs forming a right angle with the torso: hold the position for at least 10 minutes, taking deep breaths. After this time, perform a "bike" as if you were actually pedaling.

The legs will benefit both from a circulatory point of view, as the microcirculation and the outflow of blood are stimulated, and from an aesthetic point of view: better circulation in addition to deflating the legs improves the appearance, tone and color of the skin .

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