The black eyes will be beautiful, the blue eyes will be beautiful, but the legs are even more beautiful!

It said a famous song. With the arrival of high temperatures, the legs suffer from venous insufficiency and capillary fragility. But there are those who suffer from it throughout the year.

What are the triggers?

  • Sedentary lifestyle: maintaining a static position for a long time slows down circulation, such as those who have to stand or sit for many hours in the office for work. Movement is a friend of healthy and light legs, for those who are unable to do so due to lack of time or desire, even half an hour of walking a day can awaken the circulation.
  • Overweight: nutrition plays an important role, it is therefore preferable to favor a balanced diet low in fat, rich in fruit and vegetables, limiting salt which facilitates venous stagnation and promotes increased pressure.

  • Use of high heels, very low shoes or very tight tights and trousers: Shoes with too high heels do not follow the natural curvature of the foot and the same goes for too tight garments that oppress and cause the stagnation of blood in the legs. If you don't want to give up heels, opt for a comfortable heel of a few centimeters.

What remedies to take?

Gambe Sane is a medicinal compound in mother tincture designed to help the well-being of the microcirculation, counteract capillary fragility and prevent the risk of edema.

What plants are contained?

The horse chestnut, the bilberry, the vine and the butcher's broom: thanks to this synergy the well-being of the venous circulation is supported, counteracting cellulite, cramps and annoying chilblains. It also fights the sense of heaviness and swelling in the legs, also helping night circulation. 

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