FESTA DELLA DONNA: tutte le curiosità Ecosalute

WOMEN'S DAY: all the curiosities

Greetings to you all:

mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, friends and sisters. ❤️

March 8 is a special and meaningful day: Women's Day.

Why is this day celebrated?

Women's Day was born with the aim of remembering the social and political struggles that women have had to face.

In particular, this day is linked to two historical events that happened on this very day:

  • The first took place in 1911 during a protest by some women employed in a textile industry who had been protesting for a few days for the miserable conditions in which they had to undergo. The owners of the company decided to close all the exits of the company to block the workers, during this day, however, something did not go as it should: a fire broke out that caused more than 300 victims, almost all of them women.
  • The second event, on the other hand, is connected to the February Revolution in Russia during the First World War. During 8 March 1917 many men took to the streets to prostate against the Tsar, along with them also women: this was a memorable and decisive event for the history of the female gender .

In 1977 the United Nations General Assembly chose this date to celebrate Women's Day .

Why is mimosa given away?

Mimosa is a symbol and a tribute to celebrate Women's Day. This flower was chosen because it was easily available during this period and because it was cheap .

This flower was proposed by Rita Montagnana and Teresa Mattei, two ladies enrolled in the UDI (Union of Italian Women). Their proposal was put to the vote and won unanimously.

Do you know how to make mimosa last longer? Put it in a jar with a little warm water and a few drops of lemon as well as lots of light.

Now raise the glasses .. we all deserve a nice toast!

"La mimosa" cocktail

1. Squeeze half an orange

2. Add the juice in a strictly cold flut

3. Add the champagne

4 .. Cut a thin slice of orange and decorate the glass

The cocktail should be consumed immediately, with the passage of time it will lose its flavor.